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Legato Golf Ball Kit


Our Legato Ball kit is rated Amazon's choice golf ball. Legato golf balls are made up of 85 compression core and are engineered for maximum distance and control for most swing speeds. Your Legato golf ball kit contains 

  • 6 Legato Golf Balls
  • 15 Bamboo tees
  • two Liquid IV packets
  • Water Bottle

When you want to improve your game and need the maximum distance and control, give our Legato golf ball kit a try. Legato golf balls are made up of ultra-soft cast urethane cover that offers a phenomenal feel for added feedback and control, allowing you to maximize your golf game. Another way we help you maximize your golf game is by providing our Liquid IV packet. The liquid IV packet is a hydration packet equivalent to one packet equaling drinking three bottles of water. Allowing you to stay hydrated on the course increases your performance. While you are on the course, join us and become Resilient Above All. 

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